Bespoke wings

Fancy taking the world’s fastest animal out for a spin in the priciest production SUV ever made?

Bentley surprised everyone when they moved away from tradition and released the Bentayga just under two years ago: it’s the only car from the British brand able to tame a desert dune, and it just happens to be the priciest production SUV in the world (the 2018 model will set you back just over $280,000 in the UAE).

Now desert heritage has tied up with British motoring thanks to the falconer’s kit that can be custom made by artisans at Mulliner for the Bentayga: the customisable set features everything you need for a falconry session (there’s a fly fishing kit for trout-catching fans too).

Bentley is standing firmly by its love for the handmade amid the ever-rising tide of automation, and they will even create an image of your prized bird on your dashboard if you so desire. The finicky marquetry artwork takes at least nine days to craft, and an average likeness uses more than 400 individual pieces of wood from seven varieties. Lacewood, for instance, is the perfect mimic of a rippled, wind-swept sand dune.

The falconry kits include a veneered drawer to store GPS tracking kits, a refreshment case for your coffee (it’s a morning sport), as well as a cork fabric boot protector to help keep the car clean.

You can even have your prized saker or perergrine ride up front with you thanks to the magnetic perch that fits perfectly on the car’s central armrest (shotgun is well deserved considering top falcons are traded for hundreds of thousands of dollars).

Prices vary depending on customisation, but you’ll pay from $70,000 for the kit, or $100,000 with the falconry equipment and dashboard marquetry image (which is, quite frankly, the coolest bit). Pricey, yes, but let’s all agree that a falconry-ready Bentayga leaves your average Patrol or Land Cruiser well and truly in the dust.