Back To The Present

Where this is going, we’re going to need roads…

If our calculations are correct, when DeLorean Motor Company restarts the production of its signature car… there’s going to be some serious hype.

The DeLorean DMC-12 – known better to you and I as simply The DeLorean – first rolled off the production line in Northern Ireland back in 1981. Two years later, and production of the gull-winged sports beauty – star of 1985’s Back To The Future – was no more, as the DeLorean Motor Company declared bankruptcy. Its cars became a collector’s item, with only 9,000 of them in existence.

Love for the car, arguably one of the most iconic motors in movies, has never abated, and next year the DeLorean will be brought back into limited production by a company in the Texas that has bought the DeLorean Motor Company name and rights to the car.

The reboot of the production process isn’t without a few snags, however – the company is still trying to find an engine supplier, as a lot of the parts from the original DeLorean are no longer in production. And it seems they also only have enough parts to make about 300 new DeLoreans – so if you were looking to grab one, you better be prepared to move fast. Prices start at Dhs300,000, go up to Dhs370,000.

Whilst sticking to the car’s original roots aesthetically, the new manufacturer has promised that the models will come with “bigger wheels, bigger breaks, and shocks from ‘a famous German supplier’”. It’ll also come kitted out with a flashy new interior, and all the modern amenities including Bluetooth, satnav and heated seats. Time machine not included.