Invest In Art

Hang a piece on your wall that could earn you a dirham or two in the future

No matter how much you spend on cars or property, there’s always the chance they will depreciate in value. The same, though, cannot be said for art – if you make the right choice, that is. There are many rising stars, and some very famous names, selling their works here in the UAE, which galleries not only believe are a sound investment, but could be considerably more valuable in years to come.

The portfolios at Abu Dhabi’s Salwa Zeidan Gallery, plus Dubai’s Capsule Arts and Pro Art galleries, feature many such artists whose works are expected to be worth more than the odd dirham in the future.

“There are a number of reasons why an artist’s work rises in value, and the most important factor is the quality and the uniqueness of their vision,” says Rachael Brown, co-founder and director of Capsule Arts. “Growing awareness of an artist’s work also plays a big part, both within and outside of the art world.”

On these pages you’ll find pieces by six artists, and the galleries selling them explain why buying now could pay dividends in years to come.

Rahul Dutta, Delhi 2100, Print on artpaper, 65x65cm


Rahul Dutta

“An artist and tech entrepreneur living in Gurgaon, India.  Together with his original artworks, we only sell a very limited collection of prints, which makes his work exclusive and particularly adapted to connoisseurs of this form of art expression. The clientele for his pieces is strong and constant, and buying his work could bring collectors many financial benefits in the long run.”

Salwa Zeidan Gallery, Saadiyat Island,Abu Dhabi. Tel (02) 6669656.

Fatema AlMazrouie - Nostalgia series, 2014 - 40x30cm unframed, 55x45 framed, collage on paper

Fatema Al Mazrouie

“After graduating in visual arts and design from Zayed University in the UAE, Fatema’s artistic career took off at Salwa Zeidan Gallery, where she participated in many gallery group shows. Her first auctioned painting was at Sotheby’s in 2010. Most of her bigger artworks are already acquired by members of the royal families in the UAE, as well as by several institutions and established Middle Eastern collectors.

Salwa Zeidan Gallery, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi. Tel (02) 6669656.

Khalid Mezaina

“He’s gaining recognition for his unique graphic style. He was an artist in residence with respected London-based art organisation the Delfina Foundation , and most recently had work included in the exhibition Past Forward, which toured the USA and gave insight into Emirati art being made today. Artists like this have a profile outside of the UAE as well, which again affects the value of their work.”

Capsule Arts, Al Quoz 3, Dubai. Tel: (04) 3881799.

 Gwenael Salaun - Jesus blood never failed me yet  Diptyc - Oil Latex Spray painting on Canvas - 260 x 195 cm

Gwenael Salaun

“An established French artist, his work is regularly exhibited in London, Paris and New York. Salaun’s urban influenced pieces are painted directly onto the canvas – he doesn’t use stencils like many street artists.”

Pro Art Gallery, Palm Strip Mall, Dubai. Tel: (04) 3450900.